Our Mission

At Real Eyes Optometry, we are dedicated to our patients by providing compassionate and courteous care with the highest levels of Optometric service, expertise and clinical knowledge. We are focused on providing patient-centered care, which means our doctors take the time to ensure every patient understands all aspects of the eye exam, how their eyes work, any treatment options they need, and recommended maintenance tips and products to keep their eyes looking their best.

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Children’s Eye Examinations

  • Refractive Surgery

  • Contact Lenses

  • Red Eye and Emergencies

  • Eye Health Promotion

  • Spectacles and Sunglasses

Red Eye and Emergencies

Red, itchy, watery or irritated eyes? Get them checked out.

Eye Vitamins & Eye Health Promotion

Eye health is promoted by a balanced diet and not smoking.

Insurance Coverage

BC Health and MSP Insurance Coverage

Frequency of Eye Examinations

Keeping your eyes healthy

What to expect during your examination

Details on what to expect during your eye examination

What to bring to your examination

How to prepare for your eye exam