Taking Care of Your Child’s Eye Sight

Did you know that the Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends children have their first comprehensive eye exam by 6 months of age? This is because it is important that any potential sight-threatening condition be caught early to prevent blindness and to allow your child’s vision to achieve its maximum potential.

Eye exams should be performed yearly until age 18.


Vision Checklist for Young Children:

Appearance of the Eyes

 One eye turns in, out, up or down at any time
 Reddened eyes or eyelids
 Eyes tear excessively
 Excessive blinking
 Rubs eyes frequently during or after short periods of visual activity

Behavioural Signs of Visual Problems:

 Squints, closes or covers one eye
 Tilts head while doing activities that are near (50cm away from eyes)
 Feels objects rather than looking at objects
 Avoids looking at books and puzzles, prefers toys they can handle
 Holds books too close to face or holds face too close to desk surface
 Sits very close to the TV (when repeatedly moved back)
 Coloring: cannot stay within the lines (age dependent) or ignores the lines when coloring

Download Checklist Here